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FancySlips Skirt Extenders & Dress Lengtheners

Have you seen those cute, frilly accessories that women and young women are wearing for those special dances, at church, or at work? You know, the ones that peak out from underneath their skirts and dresses so to cover up, but still look adorable? Those are FancySlips! They are designed to impress your dress. FancySlips have saved the day giving you another way to wear that dress or skirt you thought was too short! That’s right! You get to wear those favorite dresses and skirts that have been sitting in the back of your closet.

Patricia Ellis is the owner and designer of FancySlips LLC, based in Highland, Utah. The fashionable skirt extender company is also the industry leader in quality, satisfaction, and have the widest variety of fashionable designs to “extend your wardrobe in style”.. This lengthener accessory was created with YOU in mind. Each FancySlip is made with anti-static pongy polyester lining material, so it feels as though it isn’t even there, and doesn’t gather up as you walk. You will love how liberating each of our extenders are.

All FancySlips skirt lengtheners, and dress extenders are produced in the United States–not overseas–so that means you can trust that our sizes are “true to size”, and that your lengthener will last.

Inspiration is at the heart of this company. Come, let a FancySlip inspire you!! It’s Fancy, It’s Flirty, It’s you!!

FancySlips are available online as well as through select retailers in the United States and Canada. (Note: Feel free to contact FancySlips if you are a retailer and are interested in offering FancySlips at your location).

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